What does your service cost?

Great news! Our basic solution is free and will be free forever. However we will also be offering premium plans for extensive usage and a greater feature set. The pricing is subscription based and comes with a monthly fee. You are able to upgrade or downgrade at any time without losing any data you entered before. You are also able to export your full Colido database at any time if you decide to move on.

The free basic version right now is limited to a collection space of 250 Megabytes. The number of objects you can capture with the basic version depends on the quantity of your information details and your image file sizes. Here is an approximate calculation:

  • No images: ~12.500 objects
  • Small images (~50kb): ~3.500 objects
  • Medium sized images (~200kb): ~1.200 objects
  • Full resolution images (~1.7mb): ~150 objects

The image file size depends on the image resolution, its compression quality and the image itself. As you upload your images to Colido we will already optimize your image file sizes. And you will also be able to state whether you would like to upload full resolution images or whether your image resolutions should be reduced in order to take up less space.

In order to extend the usage limit and gain access to all available features, we are also offering interesting feature plans. For specific details on plans and pricing please visit our pricing page.

As you create a new account it will also include a 30 trial of all premium features. As the trial ends you might want to upgrade to a premium plan – but you can of course also remain within the free basic version.

If you need even more collection space than provided with the premium plans or if you are looking for a custom subscription tailored for your needs please get in touch: support@colido.de

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