What are sets for and how do I use them?

Sets are groups of objects to curate interesting sub-collections or prepare for exhibitions and tradeshows. Sets are easy to set up by simple drag and drop interactions – or by the use of the "Manage mode".

An object can be part of multiple sets: Your lovely Rhodochrosite from the Sweet Home Mine can be part of your “Favourites”, your sub-collection set called “My Great Reds” and a set you created to prepare for a tradeshow called “Tucson Mineral Show”.

To add a new set go to the sets panel or just add a new set on the dashboard by clicking on “Add new set”, give it a name and save it. To assign new objects to a set first of all you will need to go to your catalog overview. To add an object to a specific set you can just click-hold the objects preview inside the grid view and drag it to the specific set on the left side of the interface.

If you want to assign more than one object to a set you should go with our "Managing mode". Simply click on „Manage objects“ and select the objects you want to put inside a specific set. Then click on the actions dropdown panel and choose „Add to set“. This will bring up a dialog where you can choose the set you would like to go for.

To remove an object from a specific set go to the specific set, switch to the grid view and simply drag the object preview to the „Remove from set“ panel on the right side of the interface.

A second approach to removing objects from a set is by editing it: Go to the specific object, click "Actions", then "Edit" and scroll towards the set membership section. Here you will also be able to remove the object from specific sets. Then click on "Save".


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